Hemal Jhaveri: Lone Tree Businessman – SofTec Solutions

Mr. Hemal Jhaveri fills in as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President of the SofTec Solutions in the Lone tree. He regulates the general administration and achievement of SofTec. HemalJhaveri has more than a quarter century of Computer and data innovation experience.He established SofTec in 1996 and assumed a crucial part in its development and key direction.In 2002, Mr.Jhaveri diverted SofTec’s’ center to the Public Sector and framed two divisions inside it– one concentrated on IT administrations and Operations and Management work and the other on Enterprise Solutions.



Hemal Jhaveri is a Great and Genuine Businessman of Lone tree city. Preceding discovering SofTec, he was the Chief Information Officer at EchoStar, where he assumed a key part in building the establishment and foundation for their IT division and conveying business applications to bolster its satellite TV business.Before his residency atEchoStar, he worked in a few IT administration positions at Oracle and Coors Ceramics. Hemal Jhaveri got his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University ofDenver and his Masters in Computer Information Systems from the University ofDenver.

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